My Everyday Makeup Routine

Ok, I might not even get away with calling this “My Everyday Makeup Routine”.. Because I don’t consider this makeup?

Basically, for my everyday routine, I don’t wear foundation. All I wear is my Olay Moisturizer (normal skin), Rimmel London Scandalous Mascara and a nude coloured lipstick/lipgloss. (Side note: This is during the working week from Monday to Friday. On the weekend makeup routine is a whole other story!)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love makeup. Its more that my skin hates makeup.. I would say I have combination/oily skin so any makeup on my skin for longer then a few hours just causes it to go shiny and then as a result I break out in pimples the following day. Even after all the foundations I have tried I am still yet to find the perfect everyday foundation that doesn’t cause me to breakout in pimples (although Lioele’s BB cream and Revlon colorstay actually do a really great job).

Not only that. I have to admit, I am pretty lazy. To put foundation on every morning would just mean less sleep and I love my sleep too much haha! 

Anyways, here’s how it usually looks. I never usually post photos of myself without makeup just because I hate the unevenness of my skin.. but anyways, here goes..

Have a good one guys and speak soon :)