How I clean my makeup brushes #bbloggers

Hi Guys,

So being Sunday yesterday it was the perfect time to clean my makeup brushes. I’m not going to lie this is my least favourite thing about beauty, the chores! It’s like plucking your eyebrows or removing nail polish, no one enjoys those tasks. We like the application and playing around. None of this cleaning business *sigh* regardless, it has to be done to avoid nasty bacteria that can build up on the brushes.


So here’s how I tackle this boring chore. A few YouTuber’s have put me onto using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo so that’s what I use, you can pick it up from your local supermarket.


Other than that you just need some tap water and your own hands (oh and your dirty makeup brushes of course). I do this into my sink and I squirt a bit of the shampoo in the nook where the soap usually sits. This way I just pick up my brush, drench it in water, dip it in the shampoo and clean away (using gentle circular motions).


Please note, for bigger/denser brushes I recommend repeating this process a few times until clear water runs from the brush when you squeeze the excess water out. 


You’ll then need to let these babies dry possibly overnight (that’s how long my big fluffy brushes take). Make sure you have your brushes drying upside down as you don’t want to have them the other way around and then the water eat away at the glue and cause bristles to fall out :) 


Until next time..


How I make my blue eyes pop!!

Hi Guys,

One of the first things people notice about you is your eye colour which is why it is so important to make them stand out as much as possible. We all want to accentuate out best feature and with only 10% of the world’s population having blue eyes why not flaunt them!

A key to this is picking the right eye shadow. The trick to making blue eyes pop is using eye shadow from the opposite side of the colour wheel. The best colour to use would be orange but that’s just too bold for an everyday look so I like to stick to bronze, gold or copper colours. By creating a neutral smokey eye I can get the best colour payout from my eyes as these colours compliment them :)


Hope this was helpful :)


Top 5 Photo Apps of 2013

Hi Guys,

Here are my top 5 photo apps for 2013. 

  1. Picstitch – use for collages
  2. We heart it – used to find cute photos
  3. Rhonna – used to add cool writing to pics
  4. Perfect 365 – eliminates bad skin and any imperfections
  5. PS Express – great one for editing pics

What apps do you use to edit photos?



Clubbing proof makeup tips

Over the weekend I went put clubbing for my birthday and wanted to share my top 3 tips for clubbing proof makeup

1. Prime that face
I just find this helps your makeup to stick on and last the whole night so don’t miss this step.

2. Powder up
I find applying two layers of powder really sets my foundation. Tip though, after that don’t powder again. You don’t want to end up cakey and if you go and reapply in the bathroom this is bound to happen.

3. Falsie it up
There’s not a better time than going out for you to doll up and apply some falsies. :)



I used Loz Curtis’ prom makeup tutorial for my look :)




Pro Tip: Dress your food. Keep it interesting.

I know it can’t be just me who gets bored of eating the same food day in, day out. So todays post is about keeping your diet interesting. DRESS YOUR FOOD!

The better health channel tells us, “Eating many different foods helps maintain a healthy, well-balanced and interesting diet that provides adequate nutrition.”

Ok so the ultimate goal for anyone is to eat as much junk food as possible whilst maintaining a Miranda Kerr figure. Am I right? But let’s be honest, that is NEVER going to happen!

So my pro tip for you to keep motivated whilst on your diet/clean eating journey is to mix it up. Make your breakfast so deliciously appealing that even if  the choice for fast food was available you would still pick your healthy meal. Its honestly as simple as taking a bit of extra time and dressing up your food. Sick of a boring fruit salad? Put them on skewers. Sick of boring porridge? Cover your bowl with seasonal fruit and nuts. It’s so simple!!!

And what’s better? You will be able to proudly upload a picky of your creation to instagram and hashtag healthy eating and watch the likes roll in. :)

Eating healthy can be challenging. Just remember to mix it up and keep things interesting. Dress up your food, your body (and your instagram followers) will thanks you for it :)






Time and time again I see girls break key makeup don’t rules so in this post I just wanted to point a few of these out.


Firstly, wearing foundation that is too dark. Yes we all want to be the dark natural tan shade but in reality we are most likely light porcelain! If you don’t know what shade you are, ask someone when you go to buy foundation. Avoid the dodgy makeup neck line and match your foundation to your skin puhhleeeeeeeease.

Secondly, adding too much blush and bronzer. Honey, we got it three layers ago, no need to keep piling it on. And while on that topic, don’t contour too much. Sometimes less is more.

Thirdly, wearing ridiculous eye shadow colours. Once again, less is more. Keep it simple. If you don’t know how to apply eye shadow correctly its best not to apply it at all.

Fourthly, lipstick. Surely it’s not just me who knows if you do big smoky eyes you keep a simple lip and if you want bold lips keep the eyes simple. Like common ladies, common sense! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. And while on topic, don’t overdraw your lips. It looks tacky.

Fifthly, EYEBROWS! We all know strong eyebrows are all the rave right now. But need I just remind you there is a fine line between nice structured eyebrows and HOLY CRAP YOU CLOWN! And boy do I know a few clowns haha.

Anyways they are my makeup donts. There are many more I could add but I shall save those for a rainy day.




God gift from heaven for all you nail painters!!

You know when you’re doing your nails and you’ve waited ages for them to dry, think you’re safe and NEK MINNIT those beautiful fresh nails are ruined because they weren’t dry and you’ve knocked them against something!!! Well I have been praying for a product to fix this and have recently found one! Essence express dry drops. Not only does it work, it’s cheap! I got mine for about $3.50 from Priceline. BRILLIANTT!