Hi Guys,

Up until a few months ago I would always put my primer on, pack my face with concealer and then put my foundation on. Boy was I wrong! When you apply your foundation first you cover up most of the imperfections already, then you only need to go back and touch up a few blemishes with concealer. By putting on my concealer first I used up a lot more concealer then I actually needed and when putting on my foundation with a brush I was basically wiping off my concealer anyways, ahh so silly! So to do this the right way:

Step 1: Apply foundation all over the face with a brush or sponge.

Step 2: Have a close up look and see if there are any areas which need a bit more coverage.

Step 3: Spot conceal on those areas which were missed (make sure to only apply a thin layer).

My favourite concealer is Essence Stay Natural Concealer. It’s a wind up pen so it’s so easy to use, best of all it’s so cheap! I think it was $3-5 from Priceline! Cant beat it! It looks like this…