The Beginners Series – YouTube

Hi Guys,

OMG its 2016! Wow time flies! I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas/New Years break! So recently, I was at a NYE party and a few friends commented on my makeup and how nice it was and I was telling them I how literally learnt all I know from YouTube and they couldn’t believe me that it was just YouTube. It was – YouTube plus hours and hours of practice and playing around with makeup in my spare time. (more…)


Introducing my YouTube Channel

Hi Guys,

So today I wanted to announce to you guys that I have started a YouTube channel. If you follow me on social media you would already know this but if you don’t I would love to introduce you to my YouTube channel and would appreciate if you could tune in by subscribing :)

I have two videos up. My first video is a YouTuber Introduction Impersonation video.


And my second video is my March Monthly 2015 favourites.

Snapshot 1 (3-04-2015 5-03 PM)

And that’s all my news for today. Make sure you follow me on instagram (@xxbrittersblog) if you don’t already as that’s the social media platform I update the most :)

Until next time..


Favourite YouTuber’s

Yay, its friday!!! So I Just wanted to share with you my favourite YouTubers. These are the ones I subscribe to and regularly watch their videos.  


I have two sections. One for beauty where I get a lot of my beauty/nail tips from and another section of the ones I watch to make me laugh! So go do yourself a favour and check them out :)


Downright Hilarious

All of the name links straight to their YouTube page so go check them out if you haven’t already, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Have a good day lovelies :)