50 things that make me happy

Hi Guys

So today I wanted to do the 50 things that make me happy tag.

  1. My Mum and Dad for without them I would not even exist to be happy.
  2. My two sisters
  3. My dog Blake
  4. All of my family
  5. Being around my beautiful friends who brighten my day
  6. Travelling and ticking off countries on my list
  7. Sunsets
  8. Sand between my toes
  9. Fresh sheets
  10. The gold coast
  11. Cooking – trying out new recipes
  12. Listening to audiobooks
  13. Popcorn and movies on a rainy day
  14. Painting my nails
  15. Spending time with my sisters hanging out
  16. New makeup
  17. Seeing other people smile
  18. Capturing the moment
  19. The perfect selfie
  20. Romantic comedies
  21. Laughing until you can’t breathe
  22. The feeling of wind through my hair/brushing past my skin
  23. TV series
  24. Eating good food
  25. When accounts balance (this ones lame but I’m an accountant so I love this feeling!)
  26. Photography
  27. Goats – there’s something about goats that make me happy
  28. Nights out – or should I say early mornings
  29. A good book
  30. Candles
  31. Blogging
  32. Long summer nights when it takes ages for the sun to go down
  33. Being around my Nana – honestly she’s the light of my life and the person who I inspire to be
  34. A good coffee
  35. Christmas
  36. Spending time down my coast house
  37. Rocking chairs
  38. Giving people presents and seeing them happy
  39. A long, hot bubble bath
  40. Salted caramel anything
  41. Good brow/hair/makeup days
  42. The satisfaction of finishing a product
  43. Finding bobby pins
  44. Immersing myself in culture
  45. The feeling you get when you do something you never wanted to do but push yourself to do just that and you wonder why you never wanted to do that
  46. Odd numbers
  47. Cold water
  48. The feeling of taking your bra off after a long days work
  49. That really REALLY good smelling men’s perfumes
  50. Lastly, I’m happy that I didn’t struggle at all to find 50 things to be happy for, as I initially thought, and that I in fact have way more than 50 things to be happy for J



2015 Makeup Favourites

Hi Guys,

So 2015 is over and it was by far the best year of my life to date. I travelled, I met lots of new friends and my blog continued to grow and evolve. In tying up all things 2015 I thought I would share with you my 2014 beauty favourites. Let’s jump straight in..

IMG_5382 (more…)

The Beginners Series – YouTube

Hi Guys,

OMG its 2016! Wow time flies! I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas/New Years break! So recently, I was at a NYE party and a few friends commented on my makeup and how nice it was and I was telling them I how literally learnt all I know from YouTube and they couldn’t believe me that it was just YouTube. It was – YouTube plus hours and hours of practice and playing around with makeup in my spare time. (more…)

Real-U Australia Review

Hi Guys,

So I wanted to review a product I have been using for a number of weeks now and just have to share with you. You know those products that you haven’t heard much about so you don’t have any idea how they will go?! This was one of those.

Real-U Australia (more…)

Makeup of the Day – The Doll Connection 2015

Hi Guys

So recently I attended The Doll Connection beauty blogger/vlogger event is Brisbane and as one does for these events, I glammed up. So today I wanted to show you how I created my look for the event as I got quite a few compliments throughout the day for my makeup.

IMG_9084 (more…)

Get Ready With Me – Soft makeup glam look

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to write this post today as I haven’t done a get ready with me look in a while. I went out with some fellow beauty bloggers on the weekend and wore a super simple glam look and wanted to show you how I created the look. Here is the look I created.. now lets get into how I created it…

DSC_0244 (more…)